November 2015, Day 10, Terunofuji v Myogiryu

Ozeki Terunofuji really needs to put a few wins together in the last few days of the tournament to avoid a losing record (make-koshi) and the indignity of being kadoban (basically on probation, with one chance for a winning record before being demoted out of the second-most prestigious rank in the sport) next tournament. And his opponent today, Myogiryu, certainly isn’t going to gift him the win. Myogiryu does a masterful job for almost the entire bout of keeping his hips active and distant, always staying just a few inches away from Terunofuji’s grip attempts on both sides. Problem is, after giving up the left-hand overhand grip he’s focusing too much on avoiding the underhand grip on the opposite side and fails to notice how close he is to the edge until it’s too late. Terunofuji stays alive at 5-5 with the yoritaoshi (frontal crush out) win.


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