November 2015, Day 11, Ichinojo v Goeido

Really long one, but interesting for a couple of reasons. Without going into too much detail, the referee called this one for Goeido, but the ring judge called for a conference. I’ve edited out much of it, but wanted to show you what that looks like. The five ring judges and the referee gather in the middle to discuss the outcome. They can confirm or reverse the referee’s decision, or call for a rematch in the case of both wrestlers touching down or going out simultaneously. In this case, they call for a rematch. So then you get to see a little bit of the salt-throwing, dirt-stamping, glowering, glaring, tension-building ritual that starts every bout. It’s part of what I love about watching sumo live or on TV, you get much more of an insight into the wrestler’s mental state when you see them get psyched up to fight. In the end, Ozeki Goeido has some work to do, as he currently stands at 6-5 with some tough bouts ahead.


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