November 2015, Day 14, Kakuryu v Harumafuji

Harumafuji is a man on a mission, with the tournament championship one day away. He totally dominates Kakuryu, who seems completely at a loss to deal with Harumafuji’s speed and power. There’s a split second when Harumafuji gets way too low, and a simple shove by Kakuryu would have sent him over backwards, but Kakuryu is stumbling off-balance and by the time he moves forward Harumafuji has already slipped out the side and around the back. If Harumafuji (13-1) wins tomorrow over Ozeki Kisenosato, he’ll take the championship outright, since Hakuho (12-2) fell to his second loss today against Ozeki Terunofuji. But there’s a good chance that we could see three wrestlers finish the tournament with a 13-2 record – Yokozunas Harumafuji and Hakuho, and lowly Maegashira 10 Shohozan. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a three-way playoff on the last day for the title. Could be fun!


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