November 2015, Day 14, Tochinoshin v Ikioi

Ikioi is mathematically out of the race for the championship, 2 losses behind the leader with only one day remaining. But he’s still giving it his all, eyeing a promotion from his position at Maegashira 4 all the way up to the sanyaku ranks (the named ranks above Maegashira 1 but below Yokozuna, called Komusubi, Sekiwake, and including Ozeki). He deserves it with performances like today’s. Tochinoshin’s belt is tied really tightly, so Ikioi can’t get his fingers underneath the whole thing. Watch him readjust his grip on the right side to grab just the outer layers. Once the grip is secured, he executes a picture-perfect shitatenage (underhand throw), using a little judo thigh action to help things along. You go on and fist pump with your bad self, Ikioi, you’ve earned it.


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