November 2015, Day 15, Harumafuji v. Kisenosato

If Harumafuji wins, he’ll take the tournament outright with a 14-1 record. But Kisenosato is having none of that, and negates the Yokozuna’s movement with a vise-like right-hand overhand grip. Harumafuji wants nothing more than to sneak around to his left, getting outside Kisenosato’s leg and to his side so he can rotate out of danger, but Kisenosato puts his right leg in just the right position to block the escape route. And by then it’s all over. Harumafuji finishes the tournament with a 13-2 record, and will meet Hakuho in a playoff if he wins his bout, since both Yokozuna would finish with 13-2. (Spoiler alert – Hakuho loses and finishes at 12-3 along with Shohozan and Ikioi, so Harumafuji wins the tournament anyway! It’s his 7th championship in the top division, and the first since the November 2013 tournament. Glad to see the championship drought ended. Congrats, Harumafuji!!!)


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