January 2016, Day 14, Aminishiki v Tochinoshin

Aminishiki sidesteps at the tachiai and uses a hand to the neck of Tochinoshin to get in position and secure a good migi-yotsu grip (right hand under, left hand over). But Aminishiki would prefer to stay mobile against the larger opponent, and sure enough, even without a belt grip Tochinoshin uses an arm bar on Aminishiki’s left arm to lift him up and take him right to the edge of the dohyo. Now with an overhand grip of his own, Tochinoshin leans forward and applies his considerable weight towards crushing out Aminishiki. Ami-chan’s only chance is the classic utchari move, the backward pivot throw, but he can’t quite make the turn with his hips and Tochinoshin lands right on top of him. But if you’ve been reading along, you’ll know today’s theme is “sacrifice the body,” which Tochinoshin does not do. All he has to do is land on Aminishiki for the win, but he puts out his left hand to brace his fall and ends up touching the dirt before Aminishiki’s body. Ami-chan gets the utchari win after all.


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