May 2016, Day 9, Harumafuji v Okinoumi

Okinoumi, despite his size, always struggles at the top of the division. He performs much better around the middle ranks, but every once in a while he pulls off an upset of a high-ranked wrestler. Today against Yokozuna Harumafuji he gets an underhand belt grip on the left side, countering Harumafuji’s own left-hand underhand grip. Harumafuji shifts his hips trying to break the grip, but all he does is pull Okinoumi with him to the edge of the ring. When Okinoumi goes on the attack, Harumafuji is forced to push back hard in order to stay in, and Okinoumi uses this momentum to transition smoothly into an underarm throw from the left side, putting the Yokozuna down and giving him his second loss.


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