May 2016, Day 10, Dewahayate v Ura

Bonus video from the Juryo division! Ura is a young wrestler famous for an unorthodox style – his smaller size means he has to rely on quickness and guile, and he pulls off rare techniques and complicated throws more regularly than your average wrestler. Today’s bout against Dewahayate is a prime example. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Dewahayate’s attack – it’s strong, fast, solid, and centered. He has Ura on the run from the beginning, and manages to maneuver around behind Ura for what seems to be the finishing blow near the edge of the dohyo. But you can never count out crafty Ura, who hoists Dewahayate using an arm and his hips, and throws him over his shoulder for the come-from-behind victory.  The technique is a rare koshinage, or hip throw, which according to the announcers hasn’t been seen in a Juryo bout for 16 years, or in the top two divisions in 10 years. P.S. Stay tuned for the excellent multi-angle slo-mo replays!!!


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