May 2016, Day 13, Tokushoryu v Tochinoshin

Tokushoryu has been watching tape of Tochinoshin, and he does not want to get picked up like a child having a tantrum. Tochinoshin has been pulling off that move with alarming regularity. So Tokushoryu makes sure to stay nice and low, fighting off Tochinoshin’s overhand belt grip, and defending nicely against a strong pull on the back of his neck. Tochinoshin fights back to the middle of the dohyo, but Tokushoryu’s left arm is preventing him from getting as low as he’d like and he can’t improve his position. He tries yet another pull at Tokushoryu’s neck, since basically there’s nothing else for his left arm to do, but now he’s moving backwards towards the edge and his demise. One more last gasp pull at the neck as he topples over. Great job by Tokushoryu of keeping his balance, staying low, and sacrificing the body for the win.


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