July 2016, Day 7, Chiyonokuni v Endo

I’ve been harping on Endo this whole tournament, pointing out all the things he’s doing wrong, but today he loses through no fault of his own. He simply gets outworked by a ferocious Chiyonokuni. Chiyonokuni grabs a single layer of Endo’s mawashi in a right-hand overhand grip, and spends a huge amount of energy slinging Endo all over the dohyo. Endo’s valiant efforts to stay upright are all for naught, and he ends up getting thrown onto his face with a brilliant uwatenage (overarm throw). Chiyonokuni lands on Endo’s head, with Endo’s neck and body bending over the edge of the dohyo, but it looks like he gets up without any injury. Except for that one lady in the pink kimono who covers her mouth and giggles at him. That had to hurt.


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