July 2016, Day 8, Kisenosato v Kotoyuki

Kisenosato survives a brutal tachiai from the desperate Kotoyuki, who’s trying so hard to notch his first win and prevent a guaranteed losing record on Day 8. Kotoyuki blasts the Ozeki off the line, and continues the attack with a sharp nodowa (throat push) and strong thrusts to keep Kisenosato from closing the distance. But Kisenosato finds just enough room at the edge to push down and sideways on Kotoyuki’s head, and Kotoyuki forgets to move his feet along with his body. Hatakikomi (slap down) win for Kisenosato, who stays tied for the tournament lead at 7-1. Kotoyuki falls to 0-8 and a demotion next tournament.


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