July 2016, Day 8, Shodai v Harumafuji

Shodai’s got nothing, and Harumafuji’s got it all. Strong, strong push to the throat at the tachiai and Shodai is completely upended. Even when he breaks the hold and somehow gets Harumafuji headed towards the edge, Harumafuji instantly latches onto his left arm and works him back towards the middle. Fine, says Shodai, hang onto my arm and I’ll use it to shove you out. No you won’t, says Harumafuji, I’ll disappear to the side lightning-quick and pop you upside the face for your trouble. Oh, and while you’re stunned by the head slap I’ll wrap you up and push you out so fast you won’t even have time to rethink your career choice.


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