July 2016, Day 11, Ichinojo v Harumafuji

Yokozuna Harumafuji is nine years senior to Ichinojo, and the experience shows. The 100+ pound weight difference means nothing when you’ve got this kind of technique at your disposal. Harumafuji goes straight for the overhand belt grip on the left side and moves smoothly around to the side, applying all his weight to swing Ichinojo in a circle. The big man’s feet just can’t keep up, and he finds himself on the clay less than two seconds after standing up. So the leaderboard after eleven days looks like this. Tied at two losses are four wrestlers: Yokozunas Hakuho and Harumafuji, Ozeki Kisenosato, and Komusubi Takayasu. And there are a bunch of wrestlers still mathematically in the hunt just behind at three and four losses. Tomorrow things will start to get clearer.


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