July 2016, Day 11, Kisenosato v Ikioi

Every day is so important for Kisenosato. He’s tied for the tournament lead with two losses, and he’ll wrestle the other three co-leaders in the last four days. Which means if he wins out, he guarantees his first championship and possible Yokozuna promotion. So … try not to think about it? Today’s bout against Ikioi looks similar to when Ikioi met Ozeki Terunofuji yesterday – Ikioi bent backwards, absorbing the crushing weight of his opponent. The difference is that Kisenosato keeps his base low and solid (where Terunofuji got too high), so when Ikioi tries to shake him off to the side he readjusts his position and keeps Ikioi cut off from the center of the ring. Onward to the most important four days of Kisenosato’s professional career.


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