July 2016, Day 12, Hakuho v Terunofuji

Terunofuji sidesteps Hakuho at the tachiai and takes a dominant position, but the referee calls them back – he didn’t think Hakuho put his hands down properly. So they reset, and the second time they meet exactly in the middle, their chests slapping together with the sound of a butcher plopping a ribeye on the counter. Hakuho gives up the left-hand overhand grip to Terunofuji surprisingly easy – did he expect his tachiai to be more effective? And Terunofuji, now to the side, drives Hakuho quickly over the edge to his third loss. Hakuho drops off the top of the leaderboard, but will wrestle both leaders (Kisenosato and Harumafuji) in the coming days, so he still has a good chance at the championship. Two losses: Harumafuji, Kisenosato. Three losses: Hakuho, Takayasu, Takarafuji, Takanoiwa. Tomorrow the two tournament leaders will face each other, so someone will retain the top spot, all alone.


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