July 2016, Day 14, Goeido v Harumafuji

Going into today’s bout with Goeido, Yokozuna Harumafuji is only two wins away from his eighth career championship trophy. After a false start at the tachiai, the two wrestlers reset and try again. The second charge is fierce, Harumafuji setting his hips low before working in for the migi-yotsu (right hand under, left hand over) belt grip. Goeido only has the right-hand underhand grip, but he uses it to attack with an underhand throw attempt. Harumafuji defends easily. Goeido attacks again, swinging Harumafuji around, but Harumafuji sets his feet for a brief moment before a display of immense power sends Goeido rolling off the dohyo. Harumafuji is completely in control during the entire overhand throw. It’s perfect. If Harumafuji beats Hakuho tomorrow, he’ll win the tournament outright.


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