September 2016, Day 3, Chiyonokuni v Ikioi

Highly entertaining bout between these two, watching them try to attack while staying safe and figuring out what the other guy is going to do. After a good tachiai, Ikioi looks like he wants to get a hold of Chiyonokuni’s arms and pull down on them, but Chiyonokuni doesn’t fall for it and catches Ikioi with a stiff palm to the face. Chiyonokuni stays active, mixing a guerilla stick-and-move thrusting/pushing attack with good defense to keep Ikioi’s groping hands off his belt. Ikioi finally gets what he’s looking for, a good deflection of Chiyonokuni’s extended arms, which brings Chiyonokuni’s belt within reach. Once he secures the belt grip, Ikioi drives straight forward and sends Chiyonokuni out of the ring. In the second row, can you spot the guy who looks like he walked straight out of a Osamu Tezuka manga? Shock of white hair, dark mustache – half Einstein, half Chaplin. Stylin’.


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