September 2016, Day 3, Yoshikaze v Kakuryu

Once again, Yoshikaze brings the goods. Easily one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the top division. I cannot wait until Ura makes his way to Makuuchi – those two are going to provide some spectacular bouts. Until then, Yoshikaze continues to bring out the best in his opponents. Yokozuna Kakuryu barely survives Lil’ Hulk’s onslaught, saved at the last second by an apparent slip. Yoshikaze’s feet go out from under him just as he completes what appears to be a final sidestep, with the Yokozuna flying past him headed towards the edge. Had he been able to keep his feet, he would have been in perfect position to tackle Kakuryu from behind and finish him off. Oh, well. Stay furious, lil’ buddy. Stay furious.


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