September 2016, Day 9, Tochinoshin v Yoshikaze

Both Yoshikaze and Tochinoshin have had a rough first half of the tournament, both with losing records after fighting all four Ozeki and two Yokozuna. Now they need to take advantage of the relatively lighter schedule in the remaining days and aim for the all-important eighth win, preventing demotion for the next tournament. Today Yoshikaze fights like he means it, really working to stay low despite Tochinoshin’s efforts to get underneath. And when Tochinoshin switches tactics and pushes down on the back of Yoshikaze’s head, Yoshikaze puts his shoulder in Tochinoshin’s gut, grabs the back of his thigh, and sends the taller wrestler crashing hard off the edge of the dohyo. Yoshikaze wins by watashikomi (thigh grabbing push down) to improve to 4-5, while Tochinoshin’s record falls to a precarious 2-7.


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