September 2016, Day 10, Kisenosato v Kotoshogiku

Here’s the first of our Ozeki-on-Ozeki bouts, and it’s a good one. Both Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku start the day with two losses, very much in the title hunt. Kisenosato has a lot riding on this tournament, with possible Yokozuna promotion in his future should he take the championship. And today he’s a rock. Like an unmovable mountain. Kotoshogiku even ends up in a lower position, but Kisenosato cannot be budged. Through sheer force of will (and the bulk of 380lbs), he nullifies Kotoshogiku’s desperate attempts to make any kind of headway. Kisenosato stays two losses behind tournament leader Goeido. They meet tomorrow, with Kisenosato’s title hopes pretty much on the line.


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