September 2016, Day 10, Tochinoshin v Takanoiwa

Tochinoshin is involved in yet another epic battle of strength. Colossal sumo bout here, with both wrestlers locking up early two-handed belt grips, attempting repeatedly to lift each other off the ground and out of the ring. Both use an outside leg hook at different times to defend, both strain mightily, both have fleeting moments when it looks like they might take control. In the end, it’s the deep right-handed underhand grip of Takanoiwa and a final shove from a slightly lower position that earns the win. Tochinoshin’s heel touches down in the soft dirt outside the tawara, and the ring judge lets the referee know with a raised hand that the bout is over. Tochinoshin loses for the eighth time, meaning he’ll be demoted next tournament.


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