September 2016, Day 10, Ura v Toyohibiki

Ura is back up from the Juryo division for a brief appearance against Toyohibiki. At barely 5’8″ and 250lbs, you can see the size disparity he’ll have to overcome if he makes it to the top division (by comparison, Toyohibiki is 6’1″ and 370lbs). But he’s got his work cut out for him before he needs to worry about promotion – ranked in the top slot in Juryo, he has to finish 4-1 in the remaining five days of the tournament to ensure his ascendance into the prestigious Makuuchi division. His result on Day 10 is promising – a katasukashi (under-shoulder swing down) victory over Toyohibiki earns him his fourth win. Looks like he lands hard on his sternum on the tawara, but he’ll take the pain if it means a W.


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