September 2016, Day 12, Harumafuji v Kotoshogiku

These two wrestlers have a long history together, working their way up through the Makushita and Juryo divisions, and ascending through the Makuuchi ranks at about the same pace. Harumafuji achieved Ozeki status much earlier than Kotoshogiku, and has been Yokozuna almost as long as Kotoshogiku has been Ozeki, but Kotoshogiku holds the edge in head-to-head bouts. Going into today, the two wrestlers had met 59 times, with Kotoshogiku winning 33. But to be honest, Harumafuji isn’t thinking about evening that score. He just wants to win today, and he does in typical fashion. Watch his left foot. He takes literally one step, plants his left foot, and that becomes the anchor around which he swings the 380-pound Kotoshogiku. It’s the center of the maelstrom, and Kotoshogiku gets spit out the other side.


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