November 2016, Day 1, Myogiryu v Ikioi

Welcome back to the lovely island of Kyushu for the November Grand Sumo Tournament, with some interesting storylines to follow: the return of Hakuho from injury, Goeido’s chance at Yokozuna promotion following his championship last tournament, and the arrival of a couple of newcomers to the top division in Hokutofuji and Ishiura. First up is Ikioi, looking for a winning tournament after three in a row with a losing record. He starts off strong against Myogiryu, who also is coming off three consecutive losing tournaments. Myogiryu tries to fend off Ikioi’s initial charge with an extended right arm, but Ikioi gets underneath and uses his leverage to toss Myogiryu out like a rag doll for the yoritaoshi (front crush out) win.


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