November 2016, Day 1, Yoshikaze v Terunofuji

The top of the division is all healthy, so we’ve got a full contingent of three Yokozuna and four Ozeki to keep things interesting. Yoshikaze, coming off a disappointing 7-8 record, will likely meet all of them and would love to play spoiler. He starts off on the right foot against the giant Ozeki Terunofuji, getting both hands inside and a deep right-handed belt grip. Terunofuji defends with an armlock throw attempt from the left side, but Yoshikaze gets his weight underneath and lifts 350lbs of struggling Ozeki over the tawara. This is only the second time in his career that Yoshikaze has won by tsuridashi (lift out), and the first time was over 1o years ago. Go go Lil’ Hulk!


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