November 2016, Day 2, Hokutofuji v Arawashi

Arawashi’s on banana peels for the first half of this bout against newcomer Hokutofuji, slipping badly several times but always managing to reset his feet before Hokutofuji hits him again. After a tour of the entire dohyo, the wrestlers end up in the center of the ring, with Hokotofuji desperately trying to fight off the right hand of Arawashi. Once Arawashi gets the right-handed underhand grip, he uses the leverage to move Hokutofuji backwards to the edge. But the grip slips, and he switches tactics – utilizing his left-hand overhand grip and Hokutofuji’s forward momentum (he’s pushing hard to keep from going out), Arawashi keeps in control of his opponent’s body and finishes with a yorikiri (front force out).


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