November 2016, Day 2, Tochiozan v Kakuryu

This one’s a treat – Tochiozan puts up a great fight, walking through the Yokozuna’s sharp harite (face slap) to end up in a pretty balanced position. He continues to attack, pushing Kakuryu back around the dohyo while keeping the Yokozuna’s right arm from latching onto his belt. Kakuryu really wants to set that right arm, but Tochiozan uses his left to defend well, and it’s Tochiozan who first secures the underhand belt grip on that side. But the success is short-lived, and Kakuryu counters at the edge, finally getting the right-hand overhand grip. Position secure, he charges forward, and Tochiozan has to give up his left-handed grip to try and fight off the Yokozuna’s right arm. No dice, and Tochiozan runs out of dohyo. Good win for the Yokozuna.


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