November 2016, Day 3, Myogiryu v Takanoiwa

You can learn a lot about sumo just by watching Takanoiwa’s left hand. Myogiryu wins the tachiai, driving Takanoiwa all the way back to the tawara, but as he straightens up to try and seal the deal, his hips get within range of Takanoiwa’s hand. The instant Takanoiwa grabs on with the left-hand overhand grip, the momentum of the bout reverses. Now Takanoiwa is in control of Myogiryu’s hips, and Myogiryu tries to even things out by reaching for his own left-hand grip after stopping Takanoiwa’s charge at the edge. But during this split-second exchange, while defending on his right side, Takanoiwa resets his left hand and gets all the layers of Myogiryu’s belt. Grip secure, he completes the overhand throw (uwatenage) with a right hand on the back of Myogiryu’s head, flipping Myogiryu upside down and dropping him on his ample behind.


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