November 2016, Day 5, Goeido v Aoiyama

I’m not making any predictions on the possibility of Goeido’s Yokozuna promotion, but boy does he look good. The thing that has been missing the past few years has been his footwork – he had a tendency to let his torso get way too far forward, without his feet following up. He got pulled down a lot, and it was worse the more aggressive he was. But today is a perfect example of how he seems to have remedied that deficit. Aoiyama is a big man, and hard to push around, so Goeido really has to use all his strength to move him. But he never gets out of control. Every time Aoiyama puts a big paw on the back of Goeido’s head to try and pull him down, Goeido is ready with his feet underneath him. It’s great to see him performing so well. I hope he keeps it up.


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