November 2016, Day 7, Chiyoshoma v Ishiura

So Ishiura’s plan, which he’s demonstrated day after day to great success, is to get his left arm underneath his opponent’s right, and get a belt grip as far around the back of the mawashi as he can. He uses his right arm to either grab at the leg, or control the front of the belt. What’s impressive is how he manages to secure that position against a variety of opponents. Today against Chiyoshoma, he keeps at arm’s length waiting for his opportunity to jump inside. It doesn’t take him long to find his moment, ducking under Chiyoshoma’s attack with perfect timing, and he’s in the driver’s seat. Now he crab-walks sideways, which keeps his left leg behind Chiyoshoma’s right, and prevents Chiyoshoma from getting his right leg back to provide any kind of resistance. Ishiura improves to 6-1, Chiyoshoma loses for only the second time.


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