November 2016, Day 7, Nishikigi v Arawashi

Arawashi goes for the underhand grip on the left side right off the initial charge. He keeps his left leg back, preventing Nishikigi from getting a belt grip on that side. Meanwhile Nishikigi is slowly working forward, pushing Arawashi ever closer to the edge while working for his own right-handed grip. When Arawashi makes up his mind to switch from defense to offense, he does it with conviction. In order to pull off the underhand throw from the left side he has to get his left hip forward, basically conceding the belt grip to his opponent, so once he starts moving he has to finish quickly. He gets his left leg in between Nishikigi’s, and turns his whole body, cranking with his left arm and pulling Nishikigi over his left hip. Nishikigi has nothing to hold onto, and nowhere to go but down. Winning technique is shitatenage (underarm throw).


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