November 2016, Day 8, Goeido v Okinoumi

Goeido’s chances at Yokozuna promotion are looking less and less likely after picking up his second loss to Okinoumi on Day 8. He makes a big mistake at the tachiai, letting Okinoumi get his left arm underneath, and instead of working his right arm back under he panics and goes for the headlock throw. But his posture is shot and he’s got no leverage, and he’s forced to try and stick to the straw bales and let Okinoumi fall first. Which is what appears to happen, but after the ring judges call a conference, they determine that in fact Goeido’s left heel touched the sand outside the straw before Okinoumi touched down. The referee’s initial call is upheld, and Goeido has a tough road ahead of him, needing to perform pretty much perfectly against the other three Ozeki and all three Yokozuna in the coming days.


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