November 2016, Day 9, Shohozan v Tochinoshin

Tough bout for Shohozan – Tochinoshin has always proved a difficult opponent for him, having won their past six matches in a row. Things look promising off the tachiai, with Shohozan fighting off Tochinoshin’s arms and diving inside when Tochinoshin briefly tries to pull him down. But The Long Left Arm of Tochinoshin finds its home on Shohozan’s belt, and The Long Torso of Tochinoshin stays just out of reach – Shohozan, try as he might, just can’t quite reach the belt for an underarm grip with his right arm. With Shohozan’s left arm and Tochinoshin’s right arm tied up in hand fighting, Tochinoshin has the only belt grip and uses it to push Shohozan to the edge. Where, somehow, Shohozan by the barest of margins keeps his feet on the tawara and finally gets the underarm grip on the right. For a moment it appears that he might be able to get some leverage with the underarm grip, but Tochinoshin is too heavy and walks out Tochinoshin for the yorikiri victory. Both men finish the day at 5-4.


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