November 2016, Day 10, Harumafuji v Takayasu

Oh, this is pretty. You won’t see a better outside leg trip than this – Harumafuji sets it up perfectly with the underarm grip on the right side, and a series of moves that gets Takayasu to fall right into his trap. This of course is after a great tachiai where Harumafuji pops Takayasu with a quick one-two. After getting the underarm grip on the right side, Harumafuji tests the waters again and again, almost feinting at the throw. Takayasu defends each time, shifting his balance forward, ready to move his feet. Harumafuji even tries one where he puts his right leg in front of Takayasu’s left, which we’ve seen before this tournament (see Nishikigi v Arawashi on Day 7). Now, Takayasu doesn’t want to go down that way. He doesn’t want to get his leg blocked. So when Harumafuji once again starts to crank with that right arm, Takayasu moves his left leg forward, not wanting to go over Harumafuji’s hip. But Harumafuji (can he really have put this much thought into setting this up?), in a flash, goes the opposite direction, slipping his right leg behind Takayasu’s left and finishing with a beautiful sotogake (outside leg trip). Impressive.


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