November 2016, Day 13, Hakuho v Kakuryu

The first Yokozuna vs Yokozuna matchup sees Hakuho trying to spoil Kakuryu’s run at his third championship. If Hakuho wins, he’ll be only one loss behind Kakuryu with two days remaining, and Kakuryu would find himself tied with Harumafuji just barely ahead of several talented wrestlers. But Kakuryu comes through, beating Hakuho for only the sixth time in their forty-seven head-to-head bouts. The two wrestlers start off really pounding on each other, not wanting to give an inch and neither waiting with their usual patience for a counter-attack. But Kakuryu shifts into another gear, walking steadily forward and seemingly immune to Hakuho’s attacks. Adrenaline’s a helluva drug. Kakuryu stays on top of the leaderboard with a 12-1 record with two days remaining.


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