November 2016, Day 14, Goeido v Kakuryu

With a Harumafuji loss in the previous bout, Yokozuna Kakuryu can lock up the tournament championship with a win over Ozeki Goeido in their Day 14 bout. It takes a few tries for them to get started, with a false start by Kakuryu first, followed by Goeido failing to put both hands down on the second tachiai. Mild scolding by the referee seems to do the trick, and the third time’s the charm. Goeido gets the advantage off the tachiai, but when he goes for a hold on Kakuryu’s belt, Kakuryu wriggles out of danger like a child fighting to escape a winter coat. With perfect timing, as soon as Goeido tries to reverse his right arm position, moving from outside to inside Kakuryu’s arm, Kakuryu circles to his left and takes the now exposed left side of Goeido’s belt. Goeido charges forward into empty space, and Kakuryu ushers him out of the ring with the left-handed uwatedashinage (pulling overarm throw). With one day remaining, Kakuryu is two losses ahead of the second place wrestlers, and earns his third-ever top-division championship regardless of what happens on the final day. Congratulations Kakuryu!


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