November 2016, Day 14, Harumafuji v Hakuho

Harumafuji needs to win today against Hakuho in order to ensure a chance at the championship in his final bout with tournament leader Kakuryu tomorrow. But beating Hakuho is a tall order, and today proves no different. Despite getting a quick left-handed overarm and right-handed underarm grip on Hakuho’s belt, and charging towards the edge, Harumafuji can’t hold on for the win. Hakuho, despite no belt grips of his own, spins on a dime and cranks on Harumafuji’s right arm, throwing him down to the dirt with the arm lock throw. Harumafuji’s only chance at the championship is if Kakuryu loses in the final bout of Day 14 against Goeido…


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