January 2017, Day 1, Chiyoshoma v Yoshikaze

Well, we can’t call Yoshikaze “Lil’ Hulk” anymore, since he went and changed his mawashi from green to rusty red (I know, I know, the Hulk went through a red phase in the comic books, but I’m ignoring that). Sumo wrestlers are as superstitious as any professional athlete, and sometimes they hope a new mawashi color will bring them new luck. Yoshikaze had a rough 2016, with only one kachi-koshi winning tournament out of six, so let’s see how the new mawashi performs. His start to 2017 is most excellent, snagging the elusive Chiyoshoma with a dominant belt grip and excellent footwork to circle around Chiyoshoma’s back, lifting his opponent completely off the ground and slamming him down Asashoryu-style for his first win of the new year. Winning technique is tsuriotoshi (lifting body slam).


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