January 2017, Day 3, Chiyoshoma v Endo

Endo, Endo, Endo. You win the tachiai and secure a great position, putting Chiyoshoma on his heels and scrambling for some kind of defense. You’re maybe two steps away from sending Chiyoshoma over the tawara. And then you walk right into a trap the moment you let your hips get too high. Chiyoshoma sends you heels-over-head with a sidestep and a hand to the ribs, taking advantage of your suddenly higher center of gravity. Had you kept your hips low, you might have been able to move laterally with him, and you certainly wouldn’t have tumbled like that. I mean, maybe I’m being too hard on you. That was a really, really nice move by Chiyoshoma. Like, perfect.


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