January 2017, Day 4, Kakuryu v Mitakeumi

The youngster’s on fiyaaaah! Mitakeumi picks up his second kinboshi (gold-star, victory over a Yokozuna), beating two out of the three Yokozuna in the first four days of the January tournament. Yokozuna Kakuryu comes out blazing, and Mitakeumi weathers the storm, fighting back with equal vigor (and some thrusts to the face). The force of the counter-attack puts Kakuryu on the defensive, and the Yokozuna resorts to pulling down and backpedaling. Mitakeumi keeps his feet moving, keeps his hips low, and pushes on Kakuryu relentlessly, until the Yokozuna is over the straw. He gets to enjoy his second shower of seat cushions, and his second fat stack of cash. Nice work.


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