January 2017, Day 6, Chiyoshoma v Ikioi

After an armlock throw fails for Ikioi, he finds himself in a bad position with Chiyoshoma holding on to his belt with both hands. Ikioi’s right arm is occupied applying pressure to Chiyoshoma’s left, and his left arm is reaching for Chiyoshoma’s belt, which Chiyoshoma is keeping at a distance with a long torso. As soon as Ikioi gets the left-handed belt grip, Chiyoshoma starts to move, and when it looks like Chiyoshoma’s attack is gaining some momentum, Ikioi pulls off a nice arm switch, moving his right arm underneath. Ikioi uses Chiyoshoma’s momentum against him, swinging him down and out of the ring with the sukuinage (beltless arm throw).


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