January 2017, Day 6, Tamawashi v Harumafuji

Harumafuji attacks in a straight line again today, not getting the belt grip off the tachiai that he likes to use as an anchor to circle around his opponent. But he still pushes Tamawashi right to the edge of the ring, where Tamawashi suddenly twists his whole body, throwing the Yokozuna with a left-hand armlock. Something something angular momentum and Harumafuji flies through the air, partly from the rotational force applied by Tamawashi, and partly because he keeps his left leg planted on the dohyo until the last possible moment, using it to push off into space to try and stay airborne as long as possible until Tamawashi touches down. It works. Tamawashi lands on the clay while Harumafuji is still upside down with his head a foot above the earth.


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