January 2017, Day 7, Kakuryu v Okinoumi

Kakuryu and Okinoumi put on a great show for the last bout of Day 7. Once again, Kakuryu performs best when he stays active and aggressive. He mixes up a ton of great footwork with slaps and good belt work, and even throws in a trip attempt. Okinoumi stays right with him and offers a throw attempt of his own when the two settle in the middle of the ring in the classic sumo standoff. But Kakuryu comes out on top with a pulling overarm throw to put Okinoumi in the dirt. It’s not the prettiest throw I’ve seen, but a win’s a win. And Kakuryu (4-3) is going to have a hard time keeping up with the perfect Hakuho (7-0), now that Harumafuji is out with an injury and there aren’t many wrestlers who can upset Hakuho in the remaining week of the tournament.


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