January 2017, Day 7, Terunofuji v Mitakeumi

With Mitakeumi terrorizing the top-ranked wrestlers, I didn’t expect him to fall to struggling Ozeki Terunofuji, who picks up just his third win of the tournament over the talented youngster. Mitakeumi reaches for the belt with both hands underneath (morozashi), but Terunofuji uses a crushing double armlock (kime) to steer Mitakeumi around the ring before releasing the grip and pushing him out. Seriously, look at poor Mitakeumi’s right arm caught up in Terunofuji’s vise. It looks like a mangled noodle, with his hand cramped in there at a weird angle. He escapes without permanent damage, and he’ll be able to reset now that he’s done with his bouts against all the Ozeki and Yokozuna. Hopefully he’ll continue his success in the second week of the tournament against lesser competition.


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