January 2017, Day 8, Myogiryu v Takanoiwa

Takanoiwa is having his best-ever start to a top-division tournament, staying one win behind the leaders and finishing the first half at 7-1. His success is coming from good fundamentals – staying low at the tachiai, and getting an early advantageous position underneath the center of gravity of his opponent. Today, for example, he pushes up with a left hand in Myogiryu’s armpit, and slips that hand smoothly around for an overarm belt grip. His head and shoulders are lower than Myogiryu’s, and his right arm extends underneath Myogiryu’s left arm, keeping Myogiryu upright and unable to settle his balance. Takanoiwa shoves out Myogiryu by the belt for the yorikiri (front force out) win, and puts a little mustard on it for emphasis.


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