January 2017, Day 8, Takayasu v Mitakeumi

Great matchup between two promising wrestlers, one of whom I predict will be the next new Ozeki, maybe even sometime this year. Takayasu and Mitakeumi cancel each other out with a massive tachiai that somehow renders neither man unconscious, and then the fight turns into a desperate struggle with Takayasu pushing as hard as he can on Mitakeumi’s face and Mitakeumi trying to stand his ground. Takayasu gives up on the attempt to dislodge Mitakeumi’s head from his shoulders, and Mitakeumi rotates nicely to follow Takayasu’s brief but ill-advised pull on the back of Mitakeumi’s head. Mitakeumi wastes no time taking advantage of Takayasu’s elevated arms, charging forward with both arms underneath and taking Takayasu over the edge. Both men finish the day at 5-3.


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