Chiyoshoma stays active against the much larger Kaisei, never settling into any kind of predictable rhythm and keeping Kaisei from getting any traction. Hands to the throat at the tachiai, circle left for a deep overarm grip, back to the face and throat with some slaps, then a left hand inside that slips off the belt. Kaisei finally gets a chance to show some offense, and cranks on Chiyoshoma’s left arm with an armlock throw. Chiyoshoma defends nicely, using the outside leg hook on the left side to keep from going over. Chiyoshoma then charges forward, but gets a little too upright, letting Kaisei get a left-handed grip on his belt and actually coming off the ground for a split second. But when Kaisei moves forward to grab the belt with his right hand, Chiyoshoma retreats with perfect timing, setting his feet and using a quickly-secured right-handed grip to take advantage of Kaisei’s momentum and drop the big guy with an uwatenage (overarm throw).


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