January 2017, Day 9, Takakeisho v Chiyootori

Chiyootori meets Takakeisho for the first time ever, and it must be like looking into a mirror. The two round wrestlers are so similarly shaped, thank goodness they’re wearing differently-colored mawashi. It’s Takakeisho’s first tournament in the top division after rocketing up the ranks from Maezumo in just over two years, but he’s having a rough time up with the big dogs. He’s fairly evenly matched with Chiyootori for the first half of the bout, and uses a great left hand to lift up on Chiyootori and survive at the edge of the ring. But Chiyootori swings the momentum back in his favor with a right-handed belt grip that he uses to move Takakeisho all the way over the straw.


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