January 2017, Day 9, Terunofuji v Arawashi

Arawashi has beaten two Yokozuna and one Ozeki, but only has a 3-6 record to show for it. He’ll be disappointed if he can’t finish with an eight-win kachikoshi after fifteen days. His bout against Ozeki Terunofuji turns into a belt-grappling contest right off the tachiai, with Terunofuji unable to dislodge Arawashi’s left-handed underarm grip, only succeeding in moving it farther around the back. Arawashi also has a right-handed overarm grip, which Terunofuji tries to counter with a left-handed grip on the same side. Terunofuji wraps up Arawashi’s left arm and cranks with his left-side grip, but Arawashi slips his right hip inside Terunofuji’s left thigh and plants his left foot against the straw bales, giving him the better base. Arawashi extracts his left arm from Terunofuji’s grasp, rotating his torso and using his hips for leverage on a nice overarm throw.


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