January 2017, Day 10, Ikioi v Hakuho

Ikioi always brings a good effort in his Yokozuna bouts, even if he rarely meets with success (his last three consecutive wins over Kakuryu being an exception). So he should take comfort in today’s small victories: he stands up to Hakuho’s powerful thrusting attack, and forces the Yokozuna to actually retreat. That’s about it. After that he lets his torso get way out ahead of his feet, and Hakuho pushes him down with a tsukiotoshi (thrust down). Hakuho stays close behind tournament leader Kisenosato, tied at two losses with M10 Takanoiwa, M10 Sokokurai, and M13 Ichinojo. Ikioi is right behind with three losses. With five days left, it’s still anyone’s game!


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